Homestead Server Rules

In order to make Homestead fun for everyone, we've come up with some rules.

Mutual Respect

We believe mutual respect to be a foundation for a great Minecraft server.

Our interpretation is that we respect each others' work by not griefing, respect each other by not swearing, judging each other or spamming the chat, and in general, treat others how you would want to be treated! (in a positive manner)


We understand that other servers are exciting just like us and that you'd love to share your experience.

We do however ask you not to actively advertise other servers, as this could spam the chat and disturb other players. A simple mention is no problem however!


We kindly ask players to only connect with official Minecraft clients and not to cheat.

We do understand the thrill of cheating, however ask you not to out of concern for the gameplay of other players


In case any non-compliance with the rules occurs, you are more than welcome to report it. Please describe the situation as accurately as possible. An available moderator will then respond as soon as possible.

A moderator will judge the situation and undertake action, including (yet not limited to) a warning, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban

If you have been warned or banned by a moderator and disagree with the judgement of the situation, you could appeal through the contact form.